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Handgun Competition

The following documents are available now. They are all Adobe PDF files, so you should have no problem downloading and printing them. If you have any questions concerning these documents, please contact

Competitor Information Files
Flyer for public posting (Please get permission prior to posting in public places)
Advertisement providing more information (Distribute to anyone known to be interested)
Rules Summary (So you will understand the competition event)
Competitor Procedures
The "big book" of the Rules

Registration forms and information
Preregistration is REQUIRED if you want the competition to actually happen. The Post Executive Committee has made it a requirement in order to hold the competition, there MUST BE at least 10 registered competitors on the Wednesday before the scheduled competition. If this requirement is not met, the event will be cancelled and checks that have been mailed in will be mailed back to the registrant. If the event is held, walk-in registration will be permitted.
   If you have already signed a Liability Agreement, it is on file and another is not required. Hence you do not need to print and mail another one in. Because ;you could become ineligible between competitions, an Eligibility Affidavit is required for EVERY competition.
   To register, please read the Registration Instructions, print an Eligibility Affidavit, a Liability Agreement (if needed), and a Registration Form. Mail these with a check for $20.00 to:
            Range Committee AHC
            American Legion Post 48
            P. O. Box 323
            Chesnee, SC 29323
Registration Instructions (Read this first)
Eligibility Affidavit (If you cannot legally sign this, you cannot shoot!) (To be mailed in with check)
Liability Agreement (If you have already signed an agreement, you do not need another one)(To be mailed in with check)
Competitor Registration Form (To be mailed in with check)
Score Card (For information purposes only)

Scoring Information deals with information related to scoring the competitive shoot. It is provided here for transparency to registrants. 
Scorer's Instructions
Scoring Instructions   

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Handgun Competition event results and photos:

April 2012
April 2013
September 2013
April 2014
September 2014
April 2015
September 2015
April 2016
April 2017
September 2017
April 2018

The Winners List of all winners can be seen HERE

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