American Legion
Post #48
Chesnee, SC 29323

Transportation to and from the North Grove VA Clinic

Note some conditions:
 1.    Contact as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of a driver.
2.    Unfortunately, we cannot provide transportation of handicapped and/or individuals whose medical condition requires a special mode of transport.  We do not have a van, or other appropriate vehicle, for a wheelchair or bedridden individual.
3.    This service is not intended and cannot respond to emergencies or non-standard appointments.  If you have a medical emergency, contact 911 for medical response and transportation.
4.    This service is strictly on an "as available" basis and the American Legion Post #48 Chesnee assumes no liability for any part of this service.
5.    No fee is charged for this service. Contributions to the American Legion Post #48 Chesnee (an IRS 501(c)(3) organization) may be made to support this service. Please mail your check or money order to:
           VA Transport
           American Legion Post #48
           P. O. Box 323
           Chesnee, SC 29323

If you are local to the Chesnee area and in need of assistance with transportation to and from the Veteran's Administration (VA) medical facility at the North Grove Medical Center for an appointment; members of the American Legion Post 48 Chesnee may be able and available to assist. 

Contact information is as follows:
Norman "Bud" Sperry:  864-461-4692


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