American Legion Post 48
Chesnee, SC 29323

Range Committee Information

Range Committee Members    
Chairperson Dan Codespoti 864-461-3668
  Ronnie Duckett 864-461-7925
  Larry Chase 864-461-3897
  Tommy Grubbs
  William Hopper 864-461-5136
  Johnny Lawter 864-461-2978
  Ernie Goulet 864-529-8539
  Jack Smith, Jr 864-219-0160
  Robert Augur, Jr 864-249-6240
  Trae E Nicholson 864-494-2362
For more information call Dan at 864-461-3668

To see the Range Rules & Safety Class information , click HERE

CWP Classes - when a CWP class is scheduled in the Post building, you can link to the information click HERE

There is a web page telling the dates and time for Known Range Closures. These are dates when the range is rented to a person or organization for their exclusive use. Generally, outsiders can not be permitted to shoot on the range during that time. To visit this page, click HERE.

The Range Committee has announced another Amateur Handgun Competition Saturday, September 30, 2017 with a rain date of Saturday, October 7, 2017. Put this on your calendar. An advertising flyer is available HERE. A handout with more information is available HERE.

New Items from the Range:
You can purchase bundles of the 3 targets used in the Handgun Competition for $1.00 per bundle from the Range Committee Chairperson. For information on how to get these targets call or email Dan and make arrangements to pick up your bundle. Cash only! No large bills handled!

The target boards used in the Handgun Competition are 24 inches wide and 30 1/2 inches high. So if  you purchase one or more bundles and want to match the sight view for the competition, you can cut your target backer to that size.


Funeral Services: As you know, if there is a service at Egger's Funeral Home (defined by a parking lot with 8 or more automobiles) shooting is not permitted. If you would like to check with Egger's web site before driving to the range, click HERE.

Gong Targets
The "gong targets" are on the range. It is expected that these steel targets will last 2 or more years. If they are abused within the 2 year time frame, they will not be replaced. A 223 Remington (apparently an AR15) shot one gong and did physical damage.  We have had more damage to the gong targets. If you see someone abusing the range, please call the Chair of the Range Committee (Ernie - 508-728-7488) and report the problem. 
You MUST adhere to the rules. If you are caught shooting inside of the barrier, you will be asked to leave the range.
To view pictures of the gong targets, click HERE.

Target Frames
Recently, some target frame bases have been donated by Facebook, Inc. The intent behind using target frames is to have everyone shooting standing at the current 25 yard line on the range. This means that people currently shooting at targets posted on the fence will not be standing 5, 10, 15 etc. yards from the fence inside the 25 yard line; when someone is shooting gong targets, this creates a dangerous situation. So, here is the solution:

See the number (10) at the base of the target? That means that target is 10 yards from the current 25 yard line.

This target is 15 yards from the 25 yard line.
When this project is completed, the following will be the situations:
(a) these targets will be in banks of 3 (subject to change) and placed at the 5, 10, 15, & 20 yard lines.
(b) the current 25 yard line will become the base line; the current wire fence will be the 25 yard line.
(c) everyone shooting will be standing on the base line all the way across from the 22 rim fire area to the gong target area.
(that base line will be straightened all across all shooting areas)
Comments, suggestions, and contributions may be made to Ernie Goulet at or

For Rifle Shooters
As you know, shooting a rifle larger than 22 rim fire is not permitted on our range. The safety issues outweigh all other considerations. However, there is an excellent FREE rifle range not very far away. The Cherokee County Board of Public Works has a range just 3 miles off of I-85. For specific information, click HERE.


Gun Show Information Page

Are you interested in learning to reload? Click HERE for contact information on reloading classes.

Range Forms and Information

Handgun Competition Information

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