American Legion Post #48
P. O. Box 323
Chesnee, SC 29323

Grant/Loan Information

In the past, Post 48 has given grants and or loans to needy veterans, deceased veterans family's, or, rarely, non-veteran families who are in dire need. A grant is a gift of items or money to an applicant. A loan is a giving of money to an applicant with an expectation that it will be repaid.

The process for applying for a grant or loan is to contact a member of Post 48. That contact person will have the applicant fill in the data requested on the Post 48 Grant/Loan Application and sign the form. The contact person from Post 48 will also sign the form indicating that she/he accepted the request. The form is then brought to the Grant/Loan Committee for consideration.

The Grant/Loan Committee considers the application. Any member of the this committee can request additional information from the applicant. After any additional information requests have been completed, the Grant/Loan Committee will vote on the application. If the application is for a loan, the terms of the loan must be clearly stated. A majority is required to approve the grant/loan application.

If the Grant/Loan is approved, the Post Member taking the original request will fill in a Post 48 Grant/Loan Payment form and take it with the check to the applicant. The applicant will sign the form which will then be returned to the Post Adjutant. 

A copy of the Grant/Loan Application form can be seen HERE

A copy of the Grant/Loan Payment form can be seen HERE


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