American Legion Post 48
P. O. Box 323
820 South Alabama Street
Chesnee, SC 29323

Member Pictures

Terry Brown, Post Commander - Navy

Richard A Hall, Post Vice Commander - Air Force

Clark Smith, Post Adjutant - Army

William Lewis - Finance Officer - Air Force

Barry Fletcher  - Sargeant at Arms- Marine

Curtis Daniel, Post Chaplain - Army

Sheila Smith, Chairperson Post Service Committee - Army

Tommy Walker - Youth Services Officer, Korean War Veteran - Navy - deceased
(A. L. Member for 60 years)

Ernie Goulet, Building Manager - Air Force

Cliff Jones, Executive Committee Member - Navy

Dan Codespoti, Range Committee Chair - Navy

Robert Augur, Jr - Army

Clifford Baird

Bruce Blotner

William V Bracey - Army

Wesley Brantley - Army

Jimmy Buhl - Air Force

Edward Buttereit - Navy

Bernard Cantrell, World War II Veteran - Army

William Carver - Army

Clifton Cason - Air Force

Larry Chase - Air Force

Richard Clemmons - Navy

Roger Crittendon - Navy

Roger D Darby - Marine (deceased)

Max Daves

Ronnie Duckett - Army

Howard (Skip) Eklund - Army

Adam Escobar

Thomas Finck - Army

Tom Finley - Army

Monnie Fowler - Air Force

David Goode - Navy - Deceased

Janet Goode - Air Force

Ray Greenway - Army

Chad Hipps - Marine

Tommy Hopper - Army

Michael Hunter - Army

Dave Jacobi - Marine

Johnny Jones - Army

Thomas Jurczak - Navy

Gene Kilcawley, Army

Curt Lancaster - Army

John E Lawter - Army

Jack Lister - Navy

Al LoPresti - Army

Bruce Mahaffey - Navy

Larry Martin - Army

Steve Martin - Army

Maxie Miller

Harland Mossburg - Air Force

Trae (Edgar) Nicholson - Navy

Ralph Overcash

Jim Pearson - Army

Fred Phillips

Barbara Pittman - Army

Ronnie Pittman - Army

Eldridge Powell (deceased)

Thomas Prescott

Randall Price - Air Force

Bob Puckett - Navy

James Randall

Roger Reichert - Army

Jose Salas - Army

Bill Scruggs - World War II Veteran - Army

Connell Scruggs, World War II Veteran - Army

Julian Scruggs - Army

Kenneth L Scruggs - Air Force

Jack D Smith Jr - Army

Norman A (Bud) Sperry - Navy

James Splawn - Army

Charles M Stacey - Army

Jerry Stephens - Navy

Ken Stiger - Marine

Harold Turner - Army - Deceased

Don Wall - Air Force

Leo Walters - Army

Jim Ward

Jack Wiggins - Navy - Deceased

Wilbur Willingham - Navy

Shannon Wilson - Air Force

Dick Wright - Army

Ed Wright - Army


If you do not like your picture shown here,
let us know and another will be taken.
If your branch of service is missing, send an email
indicating your branch and it will be added.

If you do NOT want your picture displayed,
please let us know and it will not be included.

Individuals associated with Post 48
but not members of Post 48

Mike Strauss - Dept of SC Commander 2017-2018

Bob Scherer - Dept of SC Commander 2016-2017

Sherri Scherer

Jack Wright, Post 200 Boiling Springs, District 5 Commander

Sam Cox - Past District Commander

Cecil Phillips - Past Department Commander

Gary Mitchell - Past Department Commander

Junior Littlejohn - Honorary Member of Post 48

Betty Davis Visnaw - Daughter of Harvey Visnaw

Flora Bonner Powell - daughter of past Post Commander Thomas Bonner

Stephen Frady - Home Depot East Operations Manager

Steve Greene - Home Depot East Store Manager

Shane Howell - Home Depot East Department Supervisor

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Dan Codespoti