American Legion
Post 48
Chesnee, SC 29323

Rental Information

The contact persons for renting the building or pistol range are:

Building Manager – Ernie Goulet at 529-8539

Range Chairmen – Dan Codespoti at 461-3668.


General rental information:

Building Cleaning Deposit:
For All                               $60

Building Rental:
Post 48 Members            $30
     Non-members                  $60

 Range Rental:
Non-members                  $50

 Building Rental Rules:

  1. All renters must pay a Cleaning Deposit at the time the rental is confirmed. The morning following the event, an inspection will be done. If the building is clean, the Deposit will be returned. If the building is NOT clean, the deposit will be used to pay to have the building cleaned.

  2. After the event, the person who rented the building is responsible for cleaning the floor and emptying all trash cans including bathrooms prior to leaving the building. All trash bags must be removed from Post property.

  3. All decorations must be completely removed. No attachment tape is to be left on any surface inside or outside of the building.

  4. No permanent changes to any part of the building are permitted.

  5. No flags, pictures, or anything else currently attached to the walls may be removed without prior written permission.

  6. If any items in the kitchen are used, they must be washed and dried and returned to the location where they were found.

  7. No Post 48 supplies (food, ice, paper plates, napkins, etc.) may be used. The only supplies provided by Post 48 are toilet paper, paper towels, soap (in bathrooms) and trash bags in the kitchen. This does not apply to paper towels in the kitchen.

  8. Prior to leaving the building, check that all water is turned off and all lights are turned off. When used, air conditioners must be turned off at the circuit breaker in the kitchen; when the heaters are used the temperature on both thermostats at each end of the room near the heaters must be lowered to 60 degrees.

  9. Rental payment and key return must be arranged with the Building Manager in advance of the event.

10. Violations of the above could result in subsequent billing by the Post Adjutant and/or prohibitions on future use of the building.

11. Resolve all questions with the Building Manager prior to the event.


Handgun Range Rental Rules:

 12. Anyone renting the range is required to ensure that everyone using the range has signed a Liability Agreement and that it has been legally witnessed. Arrangement for blank forms must be made in advance.

 13. There is a comprehensive set of range rules that must be read.  

 14. All empty cartridges must be picked up and deposited in the white bucket provided. You may keep your empty brass if you desire.

 15. All trash on the range must be picked up and deposited in the "burn barrels". Do not put glass, metal, or plastic in the barrels.

 16. Any live rounds (misfires) that you do not take with you may be deposited in the gray container chained to the back corner of the shed.

 17. Resolve all questions with the Range Chairman prior to the event.

 18. There is a separate set of rules governing use of the range. You can download a PDF of these HERE.

For a printable PDF of this Rental Information document, click HERE.

For a printable Building Rental Form, click HERE.

For a printable Range Rental Form, click HERE.

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